Woodbelly is a farm-to-table catering company with over ten years experience in the industry, specializing in artisan pizzas and other meals featuring seasonal, locally-sourced toppings, cooked in mobile, wood-fired ovens.

Woodbelly's offerings are focused around fresh, locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, kissed by open flames before you and your guests! In addition to their famous wood-fired pizza, Woodbelly offers an extensive menu featuring delicious slow roasted meats and vegetables, paella, and more.

Woodbelly also offers full bar service with access to a plethora of amazing VT breweries and spirits as well as extensive knowledge in wine pairings.

The team has spent the last 10 years building their knowledge through hands-on experience with weddings and events. They take pride in providing informative support throughout the planning process, offering tastings and even site visits to bring clients' visions to life. Are you looking for an amazing pastry chef? Florist? Rental company? The Woodbelly team can help answer your questions and put you in touch with the professionals you're looking for. They enjoy making the process as easy as possible because they don't just care about the food, they care about you!

Trust Woodbelly's staff to provide the same detailed service on the day of your event to you and your guests. The team is focused on bringing incredible food to your event with warmth, thoughtful service and good cheer.

87 Barre Street
Montpelier, Vermont
United States


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