MoHo Photo


A Photographer for Fun-Loving, Adventurous Couples

Hey there, I'm Mo! I started MoHo Photo as a way to get to know fun-loving, adventurous couples and be a part of their awesome moments. Weddings and elopements in Vermont have been a dear love of mine ever since I photographed my sister's wedding as a gift (while being her maid of honor; true multitasking powers here!), and I've never looked back. 

I focus on making space for the candid moments to happen and be captured as they are, as well as help you make time for taking some gorgeous golden hour portraits. I have found over and over again that taking a moment to step away from the excitement of the wedding, allowing couples to reflect on their day, makes for some powerful images. 

For every image I take, my goal is to bring you back to the exact moments they happened, because that is what truly makes them meaningful. 

Oh, and above all else, I want to make it fun. I'll literally be the best third wheel you'll ever willingly sign up for.