When Melanie and Max's Maquam Barn wedding ceremony popped up on my Instagram feed, I gasped. The floral archway is beyond gorgeous! The couple threw a beautiful, floral-filled barn wedding focused on celebrating with their family and friends this past summer. Highlights include the floral installations, perfect weather, and exchanging their vows privately before the ceremony. 

Wedding planner Lindsey Leichthammer included peaches as a recurring detail throughout the event design. She said, "as a nod to the groom's Georgia roots, I added whole and halved peaches into Clayton Floral's amazing green garlands, and painted custom place cards, menus, and table numbers to include peaches as well." 

To top it all off, the couple got on stage with the band late in the evening. Florals, family, and fun... it's a recipe for an amazing wedding. See the full gallery below.