Daryl and Kyle celebrated their summer Vermont wedding surrounded by family at the Inn at Weathersfield. The couple wanted to be sure they honored their family heritages for their wedding. The groom, Kyle, is from Vermont, and bride Daryl's family is from the Taos Pueblo tribe in New Mexico. 

During their ceremony Daryl's dad performed a smudging ceremony. "This consists of burning cedar branches and 'smudging' (waving) the smoke around the couple and all of the attendees," said photographer Kate Seymour. "The purpose of this is to ward off bad spirits and offer protection and blessings. After this, he presented the bride and groom with a very special gift: two eagle feathers from the tips of an eagle's wings. He explained that these feathers are the ones that steer the bird in the direction it wants to go - a perfect symbol for a new marriage."

The wedding was on the hottest days of the summer. This go with the flow couple rolled with the new plan to move the reception inside so everyone could enjoy the air conditioning during dinner and toasts. After dinner the party moved outside to enjoy dancing under the tent! See their full gallery below.